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An impact enterprise is one that creates a sustainable business model and agenda to meet a major social need and make a profit. Impact Enterprises are essential to solving our society/world’s big challenges. These innovators and corporations have a social mission equal to its product development and economic efforts.

2B Hub has built the first workplace in Israel that draws impact enterprises, innovators, investors and funds together, and as a community, they individually and collectively seek to better society while maximizing profits.

Enterprises that aim to receive a B-Corp classification, meet a set list of requirements, including transparency in the socially-conscious work they do.

As a community and workplace, 2B creates the platform for impact enterprises to connect, create and develop sustainable businesses, while making a positive social imprint. In addition to the workplace and community, 2B provides guidance, mentoring opportunities, events, workshops for collaboration, and much more.

Our mission at 2B Hub is to be Israel’s house of impact.

Our goal is to increase the number of impact enterprises in Israel, create more opporunity for substanital impact investments and raise the level of knowledge in regards to all things impact.

Impact-driven, financially-focused entrepreneurs welcome here!
If doing good while making money is your agenda, we invite you to join 2B Hub.

the team

  • Liron Alkolombra

    Liron Alkolombra

    Hub & Community Manager

  • Mushky Nir

    Mushky Nir

    Office Manager

  • Roy Silberstein

    Roy Silberstein

    Production Assistant


  • Yoel Cheshin

    Yoel Cheshin

    2B Hub

  • Shachar Botzer

    Shachar Botzer

    Managing Partner,
    2B Community

  • Eli Arkin

    Eli Arkin

    VP Business Development,
    2B Community

At 2B Group, we believe that the new era’s most profitable businesses, will be those who actively enhance society.

Our goal is to generate profits and impact, by nurturing the synergies between stakeholder and shareholder values. We back visionaries who broaden fair access to technology, capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and communities.

2B-Community is an impact fund that invests in businesses that promote benefits for stakeholders, investors and the community in which the business is focus.

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2B Angels is a venture capital fund focused on growing early-stage ventures with deep technology into category-leading companies.

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2B Friendly is an Israeli NGO dedicated to improving society through the economic power of people and the private sector, ultimately promoting a more just economy in Israel.

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